Friends of SMK (St. Maximilan Kolbe Province, India)

The Conventual Franciscans of St. Maximilian Kolbe Province began an exciting venture to address the cost of forming friar priests and brothers for the future. This new group of individuals who commit themselves to assist the Conventual Franciscans are called FRIENDS OF SMK. These FRIENDS OF SMK have done a great deal of work since their beginning and continue to assist the friars in these particular areas: the cost of formation for young men studying for the priesthood and other particular financial challenges for charitable works of this province. You, too, can help us. We need your prayers and your financial assistance. If you want to see Franciscan priests and brothers serving the Church in our challenging times, please join the wonderful works of the FRIENDS OF SMK. Consider becoming a FRIEND OF SMK! Every Friend of Francis member becomes a part of the Franciscan Family by receiving mailings which update you on the Franciscan Ministries and prayer life. Some mailings include invitations to join the Friars in specific events. To contact us through mail

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Assisi Shanthi Kendra
Provincialate of Conventual Franciscans,
Karukutty – 683 576,
Ernakulam Dt., Kerala, India

P: +91 484 2613353
E: [email protected]

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